StengelTranslations - Übersetzen & Dolmetschen / Translation & Interpreting

Translation of official documents (notarial deeds, judgements, excerpts from registers) and texts of

law (i.e. real estate issues)

economy (advertisment, handouts, web sites)

tourism (brochures, contracts, forms)

Anyone with a genuine knowledge of their mother tongue knows that accurate translation of certain subjects requires a particular expertise.

Legal translation is one of my specialities. Legal translation includes issues such as:

articles of association / excerpts from commercial registers

marriage certificates / marriage contracts

divorce and settlement issues

recognition of paternity / child adoption

wills / certificates of inheritance

documents for registration authorities, German naturalization, enrolment at a German school or university

or other documents for which a certified translation is required.

Do you require a German translation of your advertising material or for your web site?

Fees Translation

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